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12 Days Before Christmas

12 Days Before Christmas is an annual project hosted by Removing The Stigma in 2022.  The purpose of this project is to bless 6 to 12 children in our local school during the holiday season with special gifts.  In 2022 six girls at Warner Leadership Academy School in Cleveland, Ohio received a coat, hats, gloves, a Barbie doll, a book bag, and a Connect 4 board game.  Each year the members of RTS locate the school of for the holiday, and that school will be the potential school for this annual project.  In 2023 the goal is 6 girls, and 6 boys, 12 days to Christmas.   

If you know of a school that would benefit from this project Contact Us.  If you are interested in donating new items call our office for details at


The Joy of Giving & Receiving

Christmas Presents





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