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In 2022 we will be introducing RTS to communities, organizations, churches, and schools in a unique way. Be the first to sign up so we can schedule a one-on-one visit with you and find out your needs and how we can help.


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We are a grassroots non-profit organization serving Cleveland, Ohio neighborhoods. Our volunteers have great opportunities rather they chose to serve virtual, in-person, or working from home.  RTS believes in creating an atmosphere where our volunteers can grow, learn, and achieve by using the tools they know best.  We also understand that not everyone has found their gifts, so we work with you to help find them.  


Grassroots nonprofit marketing campaigns are an opportunity for our volunteers to help raise awareness of the mission of Removing The Stigma throughout the community, in various ways.  Grassroots nonprofit marketing is about advocacy and financial support that makes it possible to work toward our mission to remove stigma.  Our grassroots volunteers will have the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and connect with individuals, organizations, and businesses and share the mission and vision of RTS.


Social Media marketing is about Increasing exposure, improving awareness, and building relationships  with our target audience. RTS target audience consist of those individuals, and their family members with mental illness, (especially bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia). As well as, Individuals who have lost a love one(s) who has died by suicide, the person(s) who has survived a suicide attempt and someone who feels hopeless and is considering suicide. The volunteer will have the opportunity to reach out into the community and gather stories, assist in the production of the various social media platforms which can bring hope, healing, wellness, and empower. 



Office volunteers are responsible for the office structure. The position includes (but not limited to) inventory of office supplies, placing orders, answering the phone, keeping track of upcoming appointments for Executive Director. Copying, faxing, corresponding letters, memos, and emails. The key roles of this position are

communication, accuracy, and some familiarity of Microsoft Word.  This is also a role with great opportunity to learn and group in administrative skills.



Community Outreach volunteers can serve using skills that best fit their knowledge and skills, or they can challenge themselves to learn more as they move throughout the community.  The volunteer will work closely with the Community Outreach Leader on various fundraising projects, community outreach projects, and annual events. 



  • Virtual Volunteers ~ RTS believes that volunteers are not limited to "where" they are but how much they care.

  • In-person ~ RTS continues to do everything to protect our volunteers.  We still practice the COVID 19 guidelines when volunteering in-person.  

  • From Home ~ RTS understands that some volunteers like setting their own hours but know the importance of getting the project done on time.