Removing The Stigma
A Day To Remember


International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

This Day is a FREE Event Designed With You In Mind.

A Day to Remember is a day where those who have lost a loved one who has died by suicide, and those who have survived an attempt come together to connect, encourage and find a sense of hope through their mutual experience of loss and grief.

A Day to Remember will begin with a short presentation, followed by individuals having the opportunity to share memorable stories of loved ones. Guests will enjoy a hearty, healthy light meal as they prepare for an afternoon of creating a memorable keepsake through the "Paint & Remember" activity. This event will end with a moment of silence with the lightening of candles and balloon release as we remember those we love.

Event Details:
Location:  Fairhill Partners Building

12200 Fairhill Road
Cleveland, OH 44120
Time:  11:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST

Giving Levels


Your donation helps an individual enjoy lunch with others who have walked the same journey of grief and survival as they get to know each other and share stories and memories of their loved ones. 



Your donation will help an individual paint a beautiful memorial. 


Your donation will help an individual paint a beautiful memorial, enjoy lunch, and be a part of a special balloon release at the end of the event.


Your donation will help bring a sense of hope and healing to those attending this event, as they enjoy lunch, paint a beautiful memorial, be presented with a specialty welcome bag, and celebrate the life of their loved ones in a special balloon release, and candle lighting at the end of the event.