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Suicide Prevention Teach-Me

Why SPTM for
Our Community?


"Teaching Suicide Prevention differently based on the needs of one's community is not only essential but should at times be handcrafted.  The history of mental health and suicide in communities is viewed differently because there are different levels and types of stigma. Our fight to be "normal" in society is a battle and has so much stigma attached to it that it makes sense to meet the needs of the community where they are as it relates to mental illness and suicide" states Denise Holcomb, Executive Director of Removing The Stigma, who has survived suicide attempts herself, and her youngest brother, and only son died by suicide. Suicide Prevention Teach-Me sessions are sessions created to reach the community where they are. Sessions start Spring 2023.  

Suicide Prevention Teach-Me



Suicide Prevention Teach-Me (SPTM) is a tool created by Executive Director, Denise Holcomb of Removing The Stigma.  The tools taught in SPTM can help communities remove the stigma associated with suicide, by addressing the myths, and barriers which prevent hope.  It addresses the warning signs which may be indicators that a person may be suicidal.  It covers the dos and don'ts of helping a person at risk and more.  These sessions are designed to have participants be better equipped and knowledgeable about suicide and suicide prevention, as they walk away with learned tools and resources. 

Are you interested in bringing SPTM to your community, church, school, etc...?

For more information contact us here.

What is Suicide Prevention Teach-Me(SPTM)

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