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Healthy Woman

Women's Mental Wellness
Study/Support Group

Follow the Removing The Stigma's Women's Mental Wellness group go throughout the community.  We will use the books below to offer hope and healing to women, by teaching them biblical insights to mental wellness.  These sessions will be offered virtually and in-person.  

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Living Grace Group

Starts March 2, 2023

This group is held every 2nd Thursday at 12noon.  

Together we look at simple biblical and neuroscience insights and tools to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and other challenges.

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Crazy Faith

Faith can change your life, Crazy faith can change your mind-set

In Crazy Faith, you will learn how to step out in faith, even with the mental and emotional challenges you encounter daily. Crazy Faith teaches you to wait in expectation while trusting God for the what may sometimes seem impossible. Even if you have to start with baby faith or maybe faith, you can become empowered to let go of your lazy faith, trust God through your hazy faith, and learn to live a lifestyle of crazy faith. 


What you are trusting God for right now might seem crazy to others,  and maybe even yourself. But that seems crazy in one season will be counted as faith in another.

What are you asking God to do mentally and emotionally in your life. What ever it is it starts with crazy faith.

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Living resilient and renewed

Knowing how to become mental well is one thing.  Staying mentally well is another important step.  During this study, you will learn how to walk in mental and emotional wellness.  We will cover topics like:

All from a biblically perspective.

Get out of your Head

Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts

Feeling stuck, frustrated, and defeated? How we think shapes how we live. Learn to stop thoughts that leave us prey to toxic patterns like victimhood, anxiety, and distraction. Drawing on biblical teaching and neuroscience, learn how to fight the enemies of the mind with the truth of God.

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A Story of Suffering - A Life of Worship

Fir Job, his immense suffering didn't draw him away from God, it drew him to God.  God used Job's suffering to reveal Himself in a way that changed Job forever.  Job was able to respond the way he did because he encountered God in a deep and new way.

Isn't this what we all want?  The longing to see God and know Him is knit into the fabric of our being.  The goal of this bible study is to help you grow in your understanding of who God is and His purpose in your life story, so that you will trust and worship God in all circumstances.  RTS will show you how to apply what you learn in this study how to use this study in your journey to mental and emotional wellness.

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