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Denise Holcomb

Founder and Executive Director

Peer Recovery Supporter | Educational Paraprofessional | Sources of Strength Trainer |    Mental Health Recovery Coach | Suicide Prevention Advocate | AFSP Suicide Bereavement Clinician 

Denise Holcomb is the Founder and Executive Director of Removing The Stigma (RTS). She combines peer support, coaching, training, and biblical teaching as she works with individuals to discover their true passion and purpose. She assists peers in understanding that they are not identified by a mental illness or substance use diagnosis, but they are individuals with an illness like any illness, and they too can live a meaningfully productive life if they remove self-stigma and work toward living their true purpose. 


Denise also helps individuals whose loved ones have died by suicide to walkthrough

the stages of grief and find a way to remember their loved ones in a unique and meaningful way. 

  As peers, we have walked some of the same paths, and we realize all of our journeys are different.



Darcella has over fifteen years of experience working with traumatized youth in both residential and outpatient settings.  She has mothered three children with mental health disorders, all while going through her own personal struggles with mental illness. These personal and family experiences helped her to understand the mental health challenges and the level of extreme stress and pressure that is placed on caregivers, individuals, and families.

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Advocate

Darcella Lambert 
Assistant Director 


Margaret worked at Case Western Reserve University for over a period of thirty-two years. She resigned to focus and care for her two adopted children who were both mentally challenged. She highlights raising her two sons as one of the most purposeful and fulfilling time periods in her life. Now that her children have grown up, Margaret enjoys other fulfilling avenues such as event planning, with a specialty in wedding planning, consulting, and directing.

Margaret Montgomery
Committee Board Member 

LeTrice Duckworth-Blue
Committee Board Outreach Leader 

Ariana Johnson
Committee Board Member

Joyce Otey

Aissatou Diop

Shavon Hall

Maalik Richardson
Youth Volunteer

Trinity Hall
Youth Volunteer

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