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March 2022


A New Beginning 

In March 2022,  Removing The Stigma (RTS) moved from its in-home-based office to our commercial office space at 17325 Euclid Avenue Suite 3016, Cleveland, OH. 44112  This also marked the beginning of the community outreach at its best project. 

June  & July 2022


Celebrating History and Culture

In June 2022, RTS collaborated with UMADAOP and other organizations in celebration of Juneteenth to bring awareness and offer its services to the East 79th Street community. 

In July 2022, RTS collaborated with Hayes Temple Church of God in Christ & the Phil Beta Sigma Fraternity Annual Harvest Festival offering its services, and resources to the Woodhill community.

September 2022

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Community Outreach Unfolding


In September 2022,  RTS reached out to the community with the collaboration of various organizations in their community outreach projects such as, Point of Freedom - Community Wellness Summit,  NAMI - NAMIWalks of Greater Cleveland at Edgewater Park as sponsor and team supporter, and the "It's A Family Affair" event hosted by UMADAOP. 

December 2022


12 Days to Christmas

In December 2022, RTS hosted its first annual; Host a School holiday give-a-way: "12 Days to Christmas."

Six girls from Warner Girls Leadership Academy in Cleveland, OH  were hand-selected to receive a bag full of gifts.  The girls received a coat, two hats, gloves, a Connect 4 game, a book bag, and a black Barbie doll with braids.  


The gift of giving didn't stop there!

5 days before Christmas, RTS Executive Director, Denise Holcomb walked into a local Big Lots, and put a smile on a little girls' face by purchasing her a toy she wanted, "just because she wanted it."  Everyone in the store was amazed at such a generous gift. Our Director responded by saying, "I was once that little girl.  Never forgetting where you come from makes a difference in this giving season, and all year round." 

May 2022


Bringing Community & Resources Together

In May 2022, RTS launched its 1st Annual Bowling Fundraiser to Bring Awareness & Remove the Stigma, leading to a success of over 100 participants. 


Additionally, as a part of bringing awareness to the community, RTS collaborated with the ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County to offer virtual Q.P.R. Suicide Prevention Training, which drew the attention of individuals even outside of the state of Ohio.

August 2022


Leaders Not Volunteers

RTS is a volunteer- run organization.  We believe our volunteers are more than volunteers; they are leaders, willing, and ready to lead.

In August 2022, RTS hosted its first Visionary Leadership Retreat; "Capture the Vision." The retreat brought together current and prospective leaders.  Capture The Vision was facilitated by Valerie Smart of Smart Strategic Business Solutions, LLC. 

November 2022


Bringing in the Awareness with Something New

In November 2022,  RTS hosted its first Annual International Survivors of Suicide Loss (ISOSLD) event - A Day To Remember. The event drew nearly thirty-five to forty participants. This international day was new to all the participants.  An event which had been offered on Cleveland’s westside, but never heard of being offered on the eastside.  RTS brought a new opportunity to find a sense of healing to the east side. 

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Community Outreach at its Best

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